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No, it is not correct. The meaning of include/extend is about optionality of use cases (whether you implement them at all/sooner/later) and not about whether one use case "calls" another one. A use case itself must be complete in the sense that it returns additional value to its actor. Don't fall in the pit to make functional decomposition with use cases. ...


Your design sounds reasonable, except I would replace User with Driver. Do not model lists in UML. A list is a way to realize an association with 0..* multiplicity. The available cars is just a returned Car class with multiplicity 0..*.


You should be naming your unnamed association-end properties and using two separate associations. The way you have it, there is no way to get to the Invoice User separately from the other User. And what are these users anyway? You probably need to do more analysis to understand the roles involved. Here's my guess: Seller creates any number of Invoices ...

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