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variable $Server is not set inside pipeline. You have to assign it to the current pipeline object from $Servers: # For PS2 and above: $Servers | ForEach-Object { $Server = $_ ... # If you are sure that you will always use PS3 or above $Servers | ForEach-Object { $Server = $PSItem ... Hope that this helps. P.S. I've notice that this question was posted 2 ...


I figured it out, all you have to do is use pushd \\server\dir instead of cd \\server\dir when pointing to the path. Figures it would be something easy. I still get an error, but it'll proceed past it, which is fine by me :-)


UNC path cannot be a working directory in Windows. So lcd \\example.com\share won't work. The mget command does not allow your to specify a target path. But you do not seem to need the mget, as you are not using a wildcard, but downloading a specific file. So you can use get command instead, which allows you to specify a target path. echo get %Filename% ...


It's unlikely to be anything you're doing wrong with your app, and likely to be something specific about the setup of your Citrix servers. Are your Citrix servers in a different domain to your desktop? If they're in a different domain you'll either need the fully qualified domain name of the machine hosting the share or the IP address. Try getting the IP ...

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