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Don't use a JWindow. Instead you can use a non decorated JDialog. Then you won't have the focus problem. Edit: You can prevent the dialog from initially getting focus when you make it visible by using code like: dialog.setWindowFocusableState(false); dialog.setVisible(true); dialog.setWindowFocusableState(true);


If the layouts for view types are only a few and binding logics are simple, follow Anton's solution. But the code will be messy if you need to manage the complex layouts and binding logics. I believe the following solution will be useful for someone who need to handle complex view types. Base DataBinder class abstract public class DataBinder<T ...


As your shiny application is running, shiny needs to update the server part, that's why you'll put your input$filein in a reactive function, which you'll use for your output: shinyServer(function(input, output) { outputdf <- reactive({ input$filein }) output$Dataset <- renderTable({ outputdf() }) } Information on reactivity: ...


JavaFX 8 has a Spinner class. (but earlier versions haven't)

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