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remove the enable[machine] = Variable() for machine in enable: l = Checkbutton(root, text=machine, variable=enable[machine], command= actright(machine)) l.pack(anchor = W) root.mainloop() You see PY_VAR0 and PY_VAR1 because you set the values to those with enable[machine] = Variable(), that overwrites the values in your dict ...


Set the maxWidth property of it to: extUid.setMaxWidth( Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY );


Prior to the iPad Air 2, the touch detection polling of the iDevices is 60 Hz. The iPad Air 2 is for the first time able to poll touches at 120 Hz. So while the numbers of the timestamp seem to be very precise (many digits after the dot), they are not. This is a WWDC video, it's the best WWDC video I've ever seen and it explains everything in detail: ...

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