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Remove style="border-top: 1px solid rgb(220, 220, 220);"


Since in your application you have GUI thread (main thread) - all UI controls will be accessible from this thread only. There are several approaches how to update controls from other threads. I would like to recommend you to use one of modern and native approaches based on Progress < T > class (it's native for .Net platform).


For the horizontal position, you can use the modulo operator (%) to get the remainder of dividing by 9, which will do what you want. i % 9 will always return a value from 0 to 8. For that you'd use TILE_INVENTORY_XPOS + SLOT_X_SPACING * (i % 9). For the vertical position, you can simply use division to get the row - i / 9 will be the current row. So to ...


What you're looking for is called Data Binding. It allows you to connect two or more properties, so that when one property changes others will be updated auto-magically. In WinForms it's a little bit ugly, but works like a charm in cases such as yours. First you need a class which represents your data and implements INotifyPropertyChanged to notify the ...

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