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Versioning is a non exact science, especially in graphs and your use cases. There are many ways to do it depending of your needs. Your model may have performance impact when the size of your graph will grow up. Filtering on relationships or node properties (not indexed for relationships) are very expensive operations. Generally relationships would drive you ...


Django has the canonical link element configured in all versions <link rel="canonical" href="https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/stable/topics/http/urls/"> And: /en/stable/topics/http/urls/ redirects to the newest version. For now that is: /en/1.8/topics/http/urls/ So google ends up showing the latest version :)


The hash (for git, a sha1) seal all the content of the commit. If only one thing change in the commit, the content of a file or a metadata of the commit (date of commit, commit message, author,...), the hash will be different. In this case, you understand that you can't get the commit hash, modify the content of a file and amend the commit and expect to ...

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