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Got the response at the source: "Solution 1: Use mpeg4 encoder (-vcodec mpeg4) and remove the -preset ultrafast. Solution 2: Remove the arm64-v8a folder from the ffmpeg4android_lib´╗┐"


I think the reason is mainly computational. The best example is to look at hardware encoders/decoders. H.264 encoders/decoders have been integrated into many devices, e.g. mobile phones, blu-ray players, etc. This would probably have been very complicated if the hardware designers had had to deal with intricate schemes such as shape coding.


MP4 is a container format so it's also important what codecs you put inside it. Firefox supports MP4 with H.264 for video and AAC or MP3 for audio and only if you have a third-party decoder available. If you're looking for a single format to rule them all you're out of luck since there's currently none. The way you handle this is transcoding the same ...

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