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On virtualbox, assuming you have control over the VM guest and you have dmidecode, you can use this command: dmidecode -s bios-version and it will return VirtualBox


I am answering this old question to help people to make it work without IIS. 1. First Step You have to download Fiddler. Once Fiddler is downloaded and installed, open it. Go in Tools-> Fiddler Option-> Connection tab-> And check "Allow remote computers to connect" : Restart Fiddler. 2. Second Step After this, in the other PC on the network OR the ...


%Date% isn't part of MSDos 6.22. It only has the date command. command /c echo. |date Echos the date command


Thank you everyone for your answers, I finally did it. I didn't use any of the solutions above since it doesn't work on MS.DOS 6.22 I just created a script in the real machine : set day=%date:~,2% set /a day=day-1 set mydate=%date:~3,2%-%jour%-%date:~6,4% echo xcopy /D:%mydate% /Y c:\log z:\logs>copylog.bat This script creates a batch file with the ...

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