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You can enable the setting so that it breaks on all CLR exceptions. Go to "Debug > Exceptions": Then check the box to break on exceptions that are thrown from the CLR:


My guess is that the extra \r is added during FTP (maybe try a binary transfer) Like here I've tested the code and the extra /r is not due to the code in the current question


The modulo function takes two arguments, the dividend and the divisor, just like the normal division function. In C#, the % operator is modulo division. So, int a = b % c; Is what you're after. Like Visual Studio and the comments say, there is no Math.Mod function. In the above snippet, b is the dividend and c is the divisor. 9 % 5 is 4 because there is 4 ...


To print a variable and all of its members, you can use the Immediate Window. Just set your breakpoint and enter the name of the variable when the breakpoint is hit. For the following code: var kv = new Dictionary<string, string>(); kv.Add("one", "1"); kv.Add("two", "2"); the Immediate Window will print the following text when entering kv: kv ...

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