Visual Studio 2012 is the version that follows Visual Studio 2010 in the Visual Studio product line, and was released 2012-Aug-15. During the development stage, it was referred to as Visual Studio 11 in public communications and beta builds. A newer version of Visual Studio, known as Visual Studio 2013 was released in October of 2013.

It comes together with version 4.5 of the .NET Framework and is available in five no-free versions:

  • Ultimate with MSDN
  • Premium with MSDN
  • Test Professional with MSDN
  • Professional with MSDN
  • Professional

What's new in Visual Studio 2012

  • A new look and feel
  • Ready for Windows 8
  • Web development upgraded
  • Cloud capable
  • Flexible agile processes, solid ALM (application lifecycle management)
  • Support for .NET 4.5
  • Windows 8 application development
  • Windows Phone app development

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