LightSwitch is a rapid application development tool for creating data centric Silverlight or HTML5 applications. Silverlight client can be extended using custom controls and RIA Services data sources. LightSwitch applications focus solely on data entry and provide no built-in support for reporting, although 3rd party reporting extensions are available. Applications created with LightSwitch can be deloyed as Windows desktop applications (using the WCF service host to create local RIA services), in a 3 tiered LAN configuration, as web applications hosted on IIS 7, or using the Microsoft Azure platform.

Visual Studio LightSwitch version 1.0 was released on July 26, 2011. It appears in two configurations: a simplified version of Visual Studio that can only build LightSwitch applications, and as a project type within Visual Studio Professional or better. A trial copy can be downloaded from the Microsoft website here.

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