VLOOKUP is an Excel function for retrieving a value from a table array using a lookup value and a column offset.

There are four arguments to the VLOOKUP function:

  1. lookup_value - the value being searched for. This value must be located in the leftmost column of the table array in order to return a result.
  2. table_array - a range or array of values being searched for the lookup value. This argument can be a range (ex: A1:D10) or a text array (ex: {"ABC","DEF"}).
  3. col_index_num - a number setting the column of the array from which the corresponding value to be returned from the corresponding row that the lookup value is obtained from.
  4. range_lookup - TRUE or FALSE (or their numeric equivalents of 1 or 0)respectively) indicating whether the lookup is for an exact match, or closest value to the lookup value sorted in ascending order. This argument can also be a cell reference (which may contain a formula) which returns one of the above values.

It may be used on the worksheet as well as in by calling the Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup Function or just Application.VLookup.

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