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There are a number of factors that affect JPEG compression: Subsampling of Cb and Cr components. Quantization tables use (sometimes dumbed down to "quality" settings) Whether optimized huffman tables are used. It is highly likely your input settings were much different from the output settings.


Pygame has some decent drawing capabilities; I'd suggest looking at that and playing with the pygame.draw module. PyCairo is more featureful however, and seems to be the more popular choice. Python Imaging Library (PIL) also might be worth looking into.


I'm not around windows, but I would assume you would do could set MAGICK_HOME at the system, user, session, or runtime level. For runtime, it might be as simple as updating your python script import os os.environ["MAGICK_HOME"] = "C:\ImageMagick-X.Y.Z" from wand.image import Image For a cmd session, run the following before executing the python script. ...

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