This tag refers to the WebBrowser ActiveX Control (native) and for Windows Forms or WPF applications (.NET). This control "hosts Web pages and provides Web browsing capabilities to your application".

This tag refers to:

According to "WebBrowser Control Overview":

The WebBrowser control provides a managed wrapper for the WebBrowser ActiveX control. The managed wrapper lets you display Web pages in your Windows Forms client applications. You can use the WebBrowser control to duplicate Internet Explorer Web browsing functionality in your application or you can disable default Internet Explorer functionality and use the control as a simple HTML document viewer. You can also use the control to add DHTML-based user interface elements to your form and hide the fact that they are hosted in the WebBrowser control. This approach lets you seamlessly combine Web controls with Windows Forms controls in a single application.

Note that, by hosting the ActiveX WebBrowser control, a Windows Desktop application is effectively re-using the Internet Explorer COM components. As a result, upgrading Internet Explorer on a computer also upgrades all uses of the WebBrowser control on that computer.

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