WebFont Loader is a JavaScript library developed by Google and Typekit to give developers more control over how custom fonts are displayed on their webpages.

WebFont Loader is a JavaScript library first released in May of 2010 as a collaboration by Google and Typekit, in conjunction with Google's Font API.

Basically put, WebFont Loader gives web developers control over how different web browsers will handle custom fonts:

WebFont Loader addresses one of these difficulties: different browsers treat the download of web fonts differently. For example, Firefox will initially render a website’s text in the site’s fallback font until the web font is downloaded, and then the text will be re-rendered and re-flowed using the downloaded web font. Chrome and Safari won’t display the text until the web font is fully downloaded, and Internet Explorer sometimes won’t render any content at all until the web font is available.

Typical StackOverflow questions involving WebFont may include initial setup and inclusion of the library, possible methods of customization, and troubleshooting any errors or unexpected results.

WebFont Loader Developer Page

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