A web page is created using primarily hypertext markup language (HTML) to present information. Modern web pages also use Casacading Style Sheets (CSS) to provide control over the formatting of the displayed information. Portions of the HTML may be generated dynamically through code such as Javascript and JSON.

Questions appropriate for this tag are for general questions in displaying and retrieving web pages programatically or via a web browser. It is best to use only a more specific tag if your question is only on HTML for example.

Specific Tags

Following are some more precise tags that would be better to use if the question is primarily about one or two specific aspects of web page creation, display, and retrieval:

  • for general markup questions or specific HTML tags such as <title>Recipe for Disaster</title>
  • for questions on CSS markup for layout and appearance of web pages
  • , for script questions for programatically produced portions of HTML
  • (JavaScript Object Notation), (Document Object Model), etc for web page content that is dynamically updated while the user interacts with the web page, such as updating in-stock item information when a customer chooses a color or size
  • For questions on generating HTML from a programming language, use the and an appropriate programming language tag such as or .

Reference Information

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