General information
WebSphere MQ is a message oriented middleware product from IBM. It provides a proprietary API as well as implementing the Java Message Service (JMS) API.

As of v8.0, released July 2014, the product name became IBM MQ.
Versions 6.0 - 7.5 were known as WebSphere MQ.
Versions prior to 6.0 were known as MQSeries.

Currently supported versions of WebSphere MQ include v8.0, v7.5, v7.1 and v7.0.

Additional products built on or extending WebSphere MQ include:
WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition
WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security
WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging
WebSphere MQ Telemetry

As of WebSphere MQ v7.5, WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security was integrated into WebSphere MQ and sold as an entitlement rather than separately delivered code. WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition was also integrated into the product and renamed as WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer. WMQ MFT is also sold as an entitlement in the new version. As part of the integration, the documentation for these products was combined with the WebSphere MQ v7.5 documentation.

WebSphere MQ v7.5 was delivered on distributed platforms only. For z/OS the highest version of WebSphere MQ was v7.1 and both WMQ AMS and WMQ FTE products are delivered as separate products in that release.

As of v8.0, IBM MQ is available on Distributed and z/OS platforms, including Advanced Message Security and Managed File Transfer.

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