WebSync is an implementation of the Bayeux specification, commonly known as "comet", for the .NET framework and IIS.

WebSync provides both the server implementation, which handles processing of the incoming requests, and a variety of comet clients and publishers, which are used to send and receive data through the server component.

Components that communicate with WebSync are available for .NET, Silverlight, .NET Compact framework, Windows Phone, iOS (Objective C), Android (Java) and PHP. Since WebSync is based on the Bayeux specification, additional clients that conform to the spec should also work, however they are not routinely tested.


On a 3-core desktop with 3Gig of RAM, WebSync has a throughput of approximately 100,000 message/sec max and can handle up to about 30,000 concurrent users; it scales close to linearly with increased hardware, up to standard TCP port limits.

Additional Information

For more details, visit: http://www.frozenmountain.com/websync

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