The successor to Microsoft Windows 7 that focuses on a new interface style for touch-based devices and tablets.

Windows 8 is the successor to Microsoft Windows 7. Windows 8 is another addition to the Windows NT family.

The "Windows 8 User Interface," formerly named Metro, has been designed to make it better suitable for touchscreen input in addition to the traditional mouse and keyboard input. The new design focuses on tablet and mobile integration. Applications targeting the new UI () can be hosted in Windows Store () and submitted via the IDE. These must be developed using and either , + or (DirectX can be mixed with XAML).

Windows RT (not to be confused with WinRT or Windows Runtime) is a version of Windows 8 exclusively for microprocessors that only supports the new user interface developed with , while Windows 8 for the microprocessors from Intel and AMD also supports traditional desktop user interface developed with technologies such as , or .

A full description of Windows 8 can be found on Wikipedia.

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