Windows is an event driven operating system basically only responding to messages.

Message-identifier values are used as follows:

  • The system reserves message-identifier values in the range 0x0000 through 0x03FF (the value of WM_USER – 1) for system-defined messages. Applications cannot use these values for private messages.

  • Values in the range 0x0400 (the value of WM_USER) through 0x7FFF are available for message identifiers for private window classes.

  • If your application is marked version 4.0, you can use message-identifier values in the range 0x8000 (WM_APP) through 0xBFFF for private messages.

  • The system returns a message identifier in the range 0xC000 through 0xFFFF when an application calls the RegisterWindowMessage function to register a message. The message identifier returned by this function is guaranteed to be unique throughout the system. Use of this function prevents conflicts that can arise if other applications use the same message identifier for different purposes.

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