Windows Runtime (WinRT) is a Microsoft platform architecture that allows applications to run in a sandboxed environment exposing a Windows Modern Style UI/UX (previously known by it's codename 'Metro', see )

WinRT is the set of APIs, specifications and architecture that enable and create a sandbox to allow and simplify access to the operating system and the underlying hardware. Applications designed for WinRT run in the sandbox.

WinRT architecture define a set of language binding interfaces called projections, Microsoft delivered the first version of WinRT with projections for following languages:

  • C#/XAML
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • C++/CX

But in practice anyone who follows WinRT exposed interface restrictions and rules can create a projection to support any set of languages.

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NB Not to be confused with Windows RT, the edition of Windows 8 for ARM devices; see .

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