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line=$(fgrep "my number is" test.txt | sed "s/[^0-9]//g" | tr '\n' ',' | sed "s/,$//") line=$(...) sets output of ... to $line fgrep returns all lines containing my number is first sed removes all non-digit characters (modify regex accordingly if you're expecting negative or floating-point numbers) tr joins all lines, delimiting them with , second sed ...


You have to: Create a key named with your extension (e.g. a key named .doc) under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PropertySystem\PropertyHandlers. Then set the default value for the key you just created to {45670FA8-ED97-4F44-BC93-305082590BFB} Under Root/SystemFileAssociations add a key named with your file extension (e.g. ...

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