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Generating call graphs of dynamic languages through static analysis is practically impossible (even if an approximation is possible for simple examples). It is therefore typically done dynamically at run-time, through use of something like pycallgraph (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pycallgraph). Good unit test coverage of the Python code is therefore of ...


That plugin and extension scripts/plugins in general only work in Wing IDE Pro and not Personal.


Looks like you have written your script in some legacy encoding. Try removing any non-ASCII characters (strings in some language other than English, Hawai'ian, or Latin are often the culprits. 0xC4 in Latin-1 is Ä). If that solves your problem, either encode any non-ASCII strings as hex sequences ('g\xf6\xf6dbye w\xf6rld') or re-save as UTF-8. (Then maybe ...


To solve this you can add C:\Temp\MyLibs to your Python Path in Wing's Project Properties (or Configure Python dialog in Wing 101). Or in Wing Personal or Pro you can set the file as the main debug file, although I just noticed that you'll need to restart Wing before that approach works due to apparent failure to rescan the file. This could probably be ...

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