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The issue is in your data binding. The Action1 in ButtonAction="{Binding Action1}" should be a public property while you defined it as a private variable. Also, you cannot just declare a normal property directly in the code behind like that. You will need either a dependency property, or more commonly, a public property inside a viewmodel which implements ...


The correct XAML should look like <TextBox Text="{Binding ValveName, Mode=TwoWay}"/> rather than <TextBox Text="{Binding ValveName}, Mode=TwoWay"/> Edit On a side note: This code isn't thread safe. Between this.PropertyChanged != null and this.PropertyChanged another thread could unsubscribe and PropertyChanged becomes null. public ...


you could add multiple Runs to 1 textblock and bind both of them to different sources: <Page.Resources> <x:String x:Key="String1">AAA</x:String> <x:String x:Key="String2">BBB</x:String> </Page.Resources> <Grid> <TextBlock> <Run Text="{StaticResource String1}"></Run> ...


Considering that the data your are binding are coming from different view models and it could be too complicated to merge them into a single property, you should consider creating a custom control to handle this scenario. While you will still not be able to multi-bind, you will be able to expose two DependencyProperties to handle the bindings.

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