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It is a simple side-effect of different units-of-measure. XAML uses a unit of 1/96 inch. Font sizes are normally expressed in points, 1/72 inch. So 14.667 == 14.667 / 96 * 72 = 11.000 points.


The equivalent of Mode="Minimized" for ApplicationBar is ClosedDisplayMode="Minimal" for BottomAppBar


The OnNavigatedTo method (as documented on the MSDN page you've put in your question) will be called every time a Page is navigated to. You can use the NavigationEventArgs to determine what kind of navigation took place and handle this appropriately. In your case you would add code to refresh your page's content. As Romasz points out, this will not help ...


You need to edit style of SearchBox to remove search button. To get style of SearchBox follow below steps Step 1 : http://i.imgur.com/tg8icLv.png Step 2 : http://i.imgur.com/VdB28oY.png and Press Ok Step 3 : http://i.imgur.com/9wNmQga.png <Style x:Key="SearchBoxStyle1" TargetType="SearchBox"> .......................... <Setter ...


Ok, I will try to answer this question based on the responses I received here and based on the research I did for the last couple of days. answer will be two sections [ Side Notes - solution ] You may jump to (Solution section )if you are not interested in the details of the problems i found interesting to share with readers Side Notes: I have noticed the ...


Here is a post about a similar topic from the MSDN forums. There appears to be no good way to prevent input, though you could handle it after the fact. The suggested guideline is to allow invalid input but don't do anything with invalid input. For example allow the user to enter a character but don't allow them to submit the form..I don't necessarily agree ...

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