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After some experimentation I've found that the brush being used to control the colour of the overlay that a ContentDialog is displayed above is SystemControlPageBackgroundBaseMediumBrushrather than the more likely looking ContentDialogDimmingThemeBrush. By inspecting the default theme definitions it emerges that both light and dark themes set this brush to ...


Try this, it works for me. <RelativePanel> <TextBlock x:Name="test1" RelativePanel.Below="edLongitude"> ahoj &#160; </TextBlock> <TextBlock x:Name="test2" RelativePanel.Below="edLongitude" RelativePanel.RightOf="test1" Text="nazdar" /> </RelativePanel>


Easiest thing would just be applying a margin - any reason you can't do that? <TextBlock Text="MyText" Margin="0 0 8 0" />


Use the following XAML for your first PivotItem, you need to set Grid.Row="1" for your description TextBlock: <PivotItem x:Name="pvtMoveDetails" Margin="28,0,10,22.5" Header="movie details"> <Grid Grid.Row="0"> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition ...

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