Xamarin.iOS (previously known as MonoTouch) is a commercial software development kit for Mac OS X and Windows that lets you use C# (a .NET programming language) to create native applications for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS), Apple Watch (watchOS) and AppleTV (tvOS) devices.

Xamarin.iOS (previously known as MonoTouch) is a cross platform implementation of Microsoft's CLI (.NET) that lets developers write "once" for iOS, OS X, Android and Windows Phone in C#. Xamarin comprises an IDE (Xamarin studio for OS X and Windows), a plugin for Visual Studio and libraries for each of the target OS's. Xamarin implements a hybrid approach to cross platform development, whereby business logic exists in a shared core project, and the visual layer is implemented in platform specific projects for each target platform. Developers thus have access to advanced C# language features and libraries, as well as platform-specific UI libraries. To comply with Apple policy, iOS and OS X apps compile "all the way out" so as not to require a runtime.

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