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The Xcache documentation is very poorly maintained, and I recently did my best to work through what is available, answering a similar question. I'll paraphrase a bit to hit your specific points. xcache.mmap_path If this is set to an empty or invalid path the cacher will turn off. I believe this should be a writeable directory. (On linux servers the default ...


Xcache: optimizes performance by removing the compilation time of PHP scripts by caching the compiled state of PHP scripts into the shm (RAM) and uses the compiled version straight from the RAM. Based on observations using PHP 5.5.3 and Xcache 3.1.0 this is what I can deduce: Cacher This module deals with two kinds of caching Opcode and Variable. ...


APC segfaults all day and all night, got no experience with eAccelerator but XCache is very reliable with loads of options and constant development.


In case you have multiple instances you should use centralized cache storage (for example, Redis via SncRedisBundle to keep sessions, doctrine meta and query cache). In this way you will have to clear doctrine metadata or query cache once as the last step in your deployment process. There are several deployment strategies, but in all of them restarting ...


When you change a file while it's being used, you are bound to get problems. You'll need to completely stop the application before you switch the symlink. In the Capistrano community this in known as "maintenance mode". You can find lots of information (on Google) about implementing this concept. Basically you set your application in "maintenance mode", ...


Building XCache against MAMP setup command line download and configure php source build xcache Setup command line You need to configure Bash to use the correct php command. Since you wanted to build against MAMP with 5.5.3 you can run the following command on your prompt: $ export PATH=/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.5.3/bin:$PATH You'll also want to ...


Trante, Me again. Try adding the xcache.ini to the php.d directory. This may not work for you, as I have read that the xcache extension needs to be loaded before other extensions. However, I have not been able to confirm this as of today. (It is on my test agenda for my recently rolled rpm.) Anthony

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