Xcode is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) which runs on , for apps on OS X () and iOS (, /) platforms. The latest production version of the IDE is Xcode 6.4 and latest beta version is Xcode 7 beta 4 released in July 21, 2015.

This tag should only be used for questions about the Xcode tool itself, not for programming questions for which you happen be using Xcode - if your question would stay the same if you used and for writing your program, avoid adding this tag.

  • For Mac OS X programming questions, use the or tag.
  • For iOS programming questions, use the or tags.
  • For questions about the Objective-C language and its features, use the tag.
  • For questions about the Swift language and its features, use the tag.

This tag covers:

  • Project organization
  • Source code editing
  • Build system
  • Unit testing
  • Interface Builder (prior to Xcode 4, Interface Builder was a separate app, in which case you would use the tag)

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