Xcode is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) for development for its Mac OS X () and iOS (/) platforms. Documentation for Xcode 4.3 can be found in Apple's Highlights Found in Xcode 4.3.

Xcode 4.3 is used to produce software applications for Mac OS X and iOS. Xcode 4.3 (4E109) was officially released February 16, 2012, and Supports OS X 10.7 Lion +.

This tag covers:

  • Project organization
  • Source code editing
  • Build system
  • Unit testing
  • Interface Builder (in Xcode 4 and later only; it is separate in 3 and earlier)

Xcode comes with Apple's Mac OS X and iOS SDKs bundled, but that does not mean questions about the use of those SDKs are questions about the IDE. Consider what changes your question would require if you were using vi to edit and make to build; if your question would remain unchanged, then it is not an Xcode question, so you should not give your question the tag. Use the (Mac) and/or (iOS) tags instead.

See for more information.

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