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In your XML, the book element is nested within an li element, but you have not accounted for that in the XPath expression you use to select book elements. Instead of doing this... <xsl:for-each select="bookstore/book"> You just need to do this... <xsl:for-each select="bookstore/li/book"> Also note that your input XML is not well-formed in ...


.group-item img { float: left; margin-right: 15px; width: 80px; } should work, I removed the s from groups- in the css declaration


I have tried to check the dom structure of the page you provided. Basically IE has huge differences on such a page with Firefox(IE will direct to another page once you've clicked the left-hand-side items.) But due to my environmental limit, I can just have done this for IE. For firefox, you may have a try on the following code. There might be minor ...

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