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If i echo <p><math xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML"> <mfrac><mn>2</mn><mn>2</mn></mfrac></math></p> i need to view it as equation as 2/2 but the chrome browser just shows 22. To have MathML render properly the layout rendering engine used by your web browser need to ...


Try something like this. Not exactly the content you posted. But this works with large content in one of the boxes as well. Edit : Dynamically added content works as well. $("#add").on("click",function(){ $(this).parent().prepend('<div class="added-content" >Added Content </div>'); }); .flexbox{ display: -webkit-box; ...


You need 2 lists, one for storing all checkboxes and second for selected ones. That's why you have all checkboxes selected because your selected values are the same as all possible. Css mistake: style="margin-top:0px;!important" should be style="margin-top:0px !important;" Things you need in your backing bean (with getters/setters): List for selected ...


MathJax is the system may websites used. If you have firefox, they can display MathML natively.

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