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If you don't want your button to reset to 200px then you'd better use pure jQuery. Here is a working example: <p:commandButton styleClass="expandableBtn" type="button" value="Show" style="width: 200px" icon="ui-icon-image" /> <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ jQuery(function () { $('.expandableBtn').on('mouseover', function() ...


XQuery is an orthogonal expression language, which means you can replace any expression, for example <div>{$variant/@form}</div> by a different expression, for example if ($condition) then <div>{$variant/@form}</div> else <span>{$variant/@form}</span> But the fragment of text that you're trying to replace, namely ...


Apply width:100% for textarea <textarea style="visibility: hidden; width:100%;" rows="5" cols="70" id="myRejectNote"></textarea> DEMO

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