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Just for complement the Rob Kennedy answer, you must use the SetThemeAppProperties in this way. uses UxTheme; procedure DisableThemesApp; begin SetThemeAppProperties(0); SendMessage(Application.Handle,WM_THEMECHANGED,0,0); SendMessage(Application.MainForm.Handle,CM_RECREATEWND,0,0); end; procedure EnableThemesApp; begin ...


If you don't want XP themes, then remove the dependency on version 6 of the common controls. Remove the dependency element, so you have just the trustInfo remaining.


The usual way of implementing pages in a tab control is required to access MS's solutiuon to this problem :- Instead of creating individual controls in the tab area, create a modeless child dialog for each page and have the controls on that. Create the page dialogs with the main dialog (not the tab) as their parent and as the user switches between tabs, ...


There is - apparently - one thing to do to get tab control pages colored correctly using XP visual styles. In the WM_INITDIALOG handler for each page, call the uxtheme API EnableThemeDialogTexture With the ETDT_ENABLETAB flag this automatically changes the background color of the dialog and all its child controls to paint appropriately on a tab. The ...


The reason why the background is gray is because that is the default. To override it, you can process the WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message in the parent window and return a custom brush.


For one of my projects I used something like this: Procedure RemoveTheme(Const Controls : Array Of HWnd; Const Redraw : Boolean = True); Var I : Integer; Begin If IsAppThemed And IsThemeActive Then Try I := 0; While (I < Length(Controls)) Do Begin If (Controls[I] > 0) And IsWindow(Controls[I]) Then SetWindowTheme(Controls[I], '', ...


Your problem is not with ATL or WinAPI. In MFC there is the same problem. Set Tab control as parent window for Static controls. But I think that overriding WM_DRAWITEM is more flexible solution.

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