Yii-Modules is first of all a series of standard classes you can use to distribute the work of your project across modules.

It is built on top of the Yii framework, and thus it is highly reliable.

Just like the Yii framework, it also tries to keep things as slim as possible.

Over time, standard modules will be provided, like "blog", "admin", "users", etc, which should adapt automatically as you plug in or out different modules.

See InstallationInstructions for how to "install". Reading DesignPrinciples should get you a nice overview. There's also a list of TODOs.

I will try to fill the wiki with general ideas which should help you understand the code easily. Please check it regularly.

Please note:

  1. I think it has a great potential, but it cannot reach it without you.
  2. You shouldn't think of it as being even in the alpha stage. It's merely a pilot project for now, a prototype.
  3. There is much room for improvement.
  4. I know many of you had already tried to create modular applications on top of yii. The "yii modules" project tries to unify the needs of such modular applications.
  5. At its core lies a very lightweight messaging system (LMS) for use across modules. I doubt it can get any lighter than that.
  6. Ever wondered how to create navigation menus from independent, stand-alone, completely individual modules? It uses LMS to do just that.
  7. It's worth taking a look at it. The LMS is much more powerful and multi-purpose than "building navigation menus from modules".
  8. Did I say there's much room for improvements? VERY much! But please look at the general ideas behind the code and try figuring out if its worth contributing with patches, ideas, bug reports. Patches are highly appreciated.
  9. I would be glad if some people would join me. However I won't simply call out for new members, because very often in the OSS world it happens people come by, submit a patch, and then you never hear from them. I've done that myself with other people's projects and I know the ones who do that are not malevolent. Neither was I. If you'd like to contribute because you consider you can benefit from it too, submit patches. "Excessively" active patch submitters will be granted commit access.
  10. I don't "feel the yii way of doing things" yet, thus there may be some inflection points which are poorly designed. Feel free to point them out.

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