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Youtube should allow live streaming from mobile apps, however Facebook does not. This (Youtube Live API Intro) may help you.


The channel selector is unfortunately not available in the Android native sign-in flow. Using the native flow and the 'youtube' auth scope will yield a token for the account's "default channel": To access the channel selector, you'll need to use the web-based flow as you mentioned.


Update 1: When you use the managedByMe flag (set to true), you have to provide the required parameter onBehalfOfContentOwner for that flag, which is a string of the content owner Identifier that you have to know. To get the proper content owner id, you need to request a new access token, and when logging in select the proper user that corresponds to the ...


Multiple scopes can be given as a space delimited list. Per the auth flow documentation SCOPE Required. A space-delimited list of scopes that identify the resources that your application could access on the user's behalf. These values determine which permissions are listed on the consent page that Google displays to the user.

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