Zend Framework provides the form class in library to create the form. The from has different elements. This tag is related to form elements provide by zend form class.

Zend Framework ships with concrete element classes covering most HTML form elements. Most simply specify a particular view helper for use when decorating the element, but several offer additional functionality. The following is a list of all such classes, as well as descriptions of the functionality they offer.

  • Zend Form Element Button
  • Zend Form Element Captcha
  • Zend Form Element Checkbox
  • Zend Form Element File
  • Zend Form Element Image etc ...

Forms are relatively easy to create. At the bare minimum, each element or fieldset requires a name; typically, you’ll also provide some attributes to hint to the view layer how it might render the item. The form itself will also typically compose an InputFilter– which you can also conveniently create directly in the form via a factory. Individual elements can hint as to what defaults to use when generating a related input for the input filter.

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