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Firstly you could find the elements common to both arrays, without having to do nested loops, using the Matlab set intersect function: common_values= intersect(var_conx,var_cony); Then you could find the nonzero elements of the common array via logical indexing: common_values = common_values(common_values > 0);


Please try this: select ct.id, c.name as batchname,ct.qualification,ct.fees,ct.email, ct.email,ct.phone, ct.name, ct.status,ct.notification from student ct left join batch c on ct.batch_id=c.id where c.status=1 and (ct.name like '%Aniruddha%' or ct.phone like '%Aniruddha%')


From all integers, 0 is the only one that is evaluated to False. In fact, False's value is 0 (you can try print False + 0) - so you get the second expression's result (X % Y == Z which is True/False). Any other integer and the first argument is what is returned (int) since and stops and returns the first expression false-y expression (there is no need to ...

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