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The error message is completely accurate: that is not a zip file. It is a gzip file, which is something completely different. You should use the gzip module.


It looks like you're sending the zipfile object, the send_data method sends the binary data contained in the given object. So it's likely just sending the data zipfile.to_s. send_file is probably what you want, like this: send_file 'my_file.zip', type: 'application/zip', filename: 'test.zip'


A java.io.File represents a name of a file physically existing (or not) on some attached storage device. A ZipEntry on the other hand is just some meta-data that help you access the content of the specific entry inside the .zip file. To answer your first question: if you MUST have a java.io.File instance, then the quickest way is to extract the whole zip ...

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