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We do it every day. You can connect to the OMVS/USS (UNIX system services) subsystem using standard telnet or ssh (if the mainframe has had that set up) but, to access the z/OS interface (TSO/E or ISPF), you'll need a 3270 emulator such as x3270 (we use IBM's Personal Communicator product because it's incredibly powerful). The mainframe is in no danger of ...


We use a piece of software called Rumba for this.


A mainframe would normally refer to "big iron" machines like IBM's zSeries. The best way to connect to a machine like that is with a 5250 emulator. There are several open-source / free emulators available which run on Windows, linked to from that page. You can normally telnet or SSH into the machines, but into some sort of UNIX emulation which hides the ...


You can also use IBM's rational developer tools to connect to a mainframe. They provide an eclipsed based GUI that allows you to do things such as edit source stored in mvs datasets, submit and view jobs, and debug programs with a GUI. I've used it before and it was much easier for me to use then ISPF but I'm also a college student with very little ISPF ...


For an IBM z Series, 390 or its predecessors use a 3270 emulator. For an IBM AS/400, iSeries, use a 5250 emulator. For Unix, VMS and most other systems, use telnet or ssh.


copy_to_user for s390 is implemented here: linux/arch/s390/include/asm/uaceess.h. uaccess is the pointer to copy_[to/from]_user actual implementation. It is setted up here (grep uaccess): arch/s390/kernel/setup.c. There are 4 implementations of uaccess, depening from mode: uaccess_mvcos_switch, uaccess_pt, uaccess_mvcos and uaccess_std For example ...


No. wchar_t is implementation defined. You have no control over it. Don't rely on implementation defined types. Rely on Standard (C99 <inttypes.h>) types instead. What's wrong with the question _T( ) macro changes for UNICODE character data?

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