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comment Who uses XACML?
Integration is as usual. PEPs enforce decisions made by the PDP that runs the compiled policies. Some PEPs are integrated inside app containers. Others operate externally as proxies that guard many resources. This is part of a DoD initiative to move all (someday) resources to cloud servers with access control managed centrally for all of them, so "kind" means all DoD resources eventually. I'm working on the SOA PDP now but plan for it to work as the interpreted version does now, by dynamically reloading things when they change.
comment Browsing/editing RDF/OWL Instances
Thanks for the lead. Couldn't make it work on first try but will try again later. But I'm afraid the firefox-only restriction and browser security problems will rule this out for my application. This is a federal application in which some of the RDF sites are sensitive (not all, but some). Anything that even smells of "a security problem" is knee-jerk fatal in this world. Research note: making semantic web work in a world with secrets needs thought!! ;)
comment What are the dark corners of Vim your mom never told you about?
!!ls replaces current line with ls output (adding more lines as needed).
comment XQuery as alternative to JSP/Java for web services?
Thanks, Jason. That's exactly the path I had in mind, except I doubt I'll be able to overcome my team's belief that RDBMS is the only sound solution. Even getting them to consider xquery will be a struggle.
comment Recommend SQL data model for Semantic Network nodes?
Sorry about that. Thanks for the help!!