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comment findstr multiple search string and print each occurrence only the first line
You have not put enough thought into the requirements, and/or you have not described the requirements adequately. For example, what do you expect if one string has both search words, like hello flower boy?
answered windows batch: echo a multi-line variable with special characters (JiraRelease Notes from jenkins)
comment windows batch: echo a multi-line variable with special characters (JiraRelease Notes from jenkins)
The original OP code was only attempting to display the value, while this displays the variable name, followed by =, followed by the value. Also, this techinque will display all variables that begin with RELEASE_NOTES_JENKINS. For example, it would also display the value of RELEASE_NOTES_JENKINS_2.
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accepted Does Windows batch support exception handling?
comment TSQL Round up decimal number
I find it hard to believe the OP really wants a value of 0.581000000000 to round up to 0.582.
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comment How to print multiple command output in single line batch
"I want output of these command to be printed on single line in file abc.jmx" - That requirements seems unlikely to be valid. If ABC.TXT contains multiple lines, than do you really want to eliminate all new lines and have everything appear on one line?
answered Displaying skipped batch comments
comment Displaying skipped batch comments
Your strategy is a bad idea - Think about what happens if you have an actual command in your documentation. It is important that your code should never have the possibility of executing your documentation.
comment How can you echo a newline in batch files?
@Pacerier - there are examples of failure for each of those suggestions. Carefully read
comment Why can't I access a variable named __CD__ on Windows 7?
@Pacerier - No, I'm not a sysadmin. It is simply a hobby. If I were a sysadmin I probably would be using PowerShell. I enjoy the challenge of pushing the limits of a seemingly crippled language like batch. Plus there is an element of nostalgia for me, as I cut my teeth on PC-DOS back in the 80s.
comment What are the undocumented features and limitations of the Windows FINDSTR command?
@Pacerier - At the time this Q was posted, I had only been a member for just over 2 months, with a rep around 2000. The SO rules are constantly evolving - definitely not a black and white world, but many shades of gray. For example, at the time of writing, there was a (now banned) [hidden-features] tag that had frequently been used (and abused.) I knew the Q was risky (, but I thought the information had value, so I worked hard on the Q phrasing and A content. Based on the Q&A score and number of views, I think I succeeded.
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comment Create variables dynamically based on the number of tokens on a FOR /F loop
+1, though this assumes the leading space is always present. It might be safer to add a second FOR /F with "tokens=*" to trim off any leading spaces. Also, this will fail in the unlikely event that a name contains !.
comment BAT file check for at least one error after sequence of reg-commands
+1, Your code is fine, but your explanation is a bit misleading, given that it is possible for a user to set an ERRORLEVEL environment variable that overrides the intended dynamic %ERRORLEVEL% value. See for more information. This is a tricky topic.
comment Echo Column 35 from bat script
Also, a single FOR /F can parse up to 31 tokens.
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answered Echo Column 35 from bat script
answered Need to make my Batch Program more compact