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My name is Roee Yossef and I'm a freelance Wordpress Developer & Designer based in Haifa, Israel.

My passion is developing websites and making the web look better. As a self educator, I improve my skills and expertise on a daily basis.

I develop most of the websites in WordPress, primarily for the clients ability to easily manage the site content on their own and also because its such a cool and amazing growing platform.

Using the latest web technologies, I write a clean and semantic code and deliver a solid, high performance websites.

I develop themes and extend / modify WordPress functionality to accommodate your needs as an individual, small business or a large scale company. Whether it's an e-commerce site, high traffic blog, simple business storefront or an online portfolio, I deliver a unique, SEO optimised, pixel perfect websites.

Feel free to contact me and discuss your specific needs, I’ll outline what I feel is the best approach to take.

Phone: (972) 0523343616 Email: roeeyossef@gmail.com Twitter: @RoeeYossef

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