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I really appreciate the Stack Exchange community.

This is a nice feature that isn't well known, Greatest Hits. It shows some of the best questions on the site, there is also a link to view the ones which you participated in! :)

VP of a medium company, B.S. in Computer Science, currently working on creating revenue generating subscription based web applications built on MVC3 / IIS7.5 / ASP.NET4 / C# / MSSQL / MySQL / AJAX. Technology that I have used or learned about: java, javascript, jQuery, c, c#, c++, sql, oracle, fortran, pascal, assembly, basic, VB, F#, J2EE, J2ME, objective-c, etc.

I am the only person at the company who deals with software development making me fill the rolls of a software designer, programmer, dba, server admin, and graphics artist.

My main goals when designing and coding are: how can I make the user experience easiest, and how can I reduce redundancy.

When developing software, I take a duality approach where I design an approximate Waterfall model as a map, and then traverse through the map using a SCRUM agile approach.

"Acknowledge your faults so you can overcome them."

Struggling with a new topic is one of the best ways to learn. So if you see me struggling, I am just trying to learn.

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