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  • Professional Software Developer, with an AP Degree in Computer Science and Software Development. See my personal website at http://snede.net

  • Currently working as a Full stack developer at Speedware ApS (DK-Sønderborg), where my main field is ASP.NET and C#.NET development, http://www.speedware.dk

  • I'm an active and hard working individual, as I have been keeping my self very busy job-wise since I was teenager, which my resumé reflects.

  • I have worked for a few Software Development companies, in addition I was hired to be a "secondary teacher" for the younger students at the school I attended.

  • I consider myself to have a entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurship is a big interest of mine, and I have found that interest to help me be more agile. In many of the Agile Development projects I have been in, I have been a big fan of SCRUM while incorporating a Lean mindset into it.

  • I am passionate about what I do, and I do my best to reach new heights and new goals, which is why I was in the top of my class.

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