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comment Spring MVC with WebLogic 10.3.4 - getting an HTTP 406 on GET request w/ @ResponseBody
I've posted the request and response headers here - gist.github.com/3093555
comment Intregating Ext-GWT, Equinox and Jetty
Hi Travis. Just a correction - Ext GWT (GXT) is a GWT library and does not wrap the ExtJS JavaScript library. GXT is pure-Java implementation that is designed to look like the ExtJS JavaScript library using the similar images, themes and CSS but they are completely different products.
comment Microsoft SSRS consuming JAX-WS Web Service problem
On an unrelated note, thank you very much for writing Fiddler. I LOVE FIDDLER and can't imagine developing webapps with out. So thank you Eric for creating this awesome tool.
comment JAX-WS errors when SOAP body contains UTF-8 BOM
I toyed with the idea of doing just that but that seems like such a hack. JAX-WS should be able to handle this and I'd hate to a filter and another layer to trim characters off the request. If I don't get an answer, I may go down that route. Thanks Ankon.
comment Microsoft SSRS consuming JAX-WS Web Service problem
Thanks Eric. SSRS is the only thing adding the BOM to the post body. I used SSIS and even created a .NET app in C# and they all consume the webservice just fine.