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Been working with computers for over 20 years. Started out just building and repairing PC's. Later I moved in to building and setting up small business servers, this was both Windows and Linux servers. My first attempts at programing were in the early 1990's, with Q-Basic. Shortly after that I stared doing web design. I have been building web sites and web applications for over 15 years, now. Currently I am proficient in HTML CSS Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. In that time various projects and personal interests have lead me to opportunities to also work with LUA, C++, C#, XML, Python, Ruby and Assembly.

I enjoy experimenting with code, I like seeing how far I can push it and getting it to do things it was not necessarily intended to do. Current experiment is to see if a 3D world, of moderate quality, can be built in HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript, without using canvas and WebGL.

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