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comment Size of strcat Destination Array
It may work, for a bit. I've seen this bug run fine, until a call to std::vector<int>::push_back() fails halfway through a loop in a totally different source file. Turns out exactly this kind of bug was the problem: part of the vector was being overwritten by the bad strcat().
comment Unrecognised type - 'Error: Variable “[var-name]” is not a type name'
... Just going to slap myself for missing an obvious one. I was too taken aback by the earlier IntelliSense errors I completely failed to check this.
comment Z-buffer is causing things not to draw
I never did get to the bottom of this, but I did discover a workaround: previously I had set DirectX up to use right handed projections. (x running left to right, y running forwards and backwards and z running up and down) so in general things with a higher z-value were nearer the camera. (Although I believe the z-buffer is independent of this, so...) Anyway - by switching to a left handed projection and inverting all the z values it now works.
comment Z-buffer is causing things not to draw
When I run the program in PIX it goes back to drawing nothing, and fails to load any textures.