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Roles on this site

From the tags I participate in (below) as well as my bio (further down in this box), it's easy to tell that I'm interested in a number of languages and topics. However, you'll most often find me patrolling, curating and moderating the following tags:

I also carry out retags (lots and lots of retags on questions...), formatting edits, link fixes and others such in the aforementioned tags, so it's not just answering questions.

As a moderator, I believe I am more efficient than ever with post revisions and other housekeeping duties, as I continue with my question-answering business. While I actively add fresh content to the site, I'm also helping out with cleaning and polishing our currently-existing posts. "Dust tends to settle", and all that jazz.


About me

I'm a teen software developer who relishes hacking PHP on the Web, C# on his PC and Objective-C on his Mac. I adore math, Jesus, Apple and π, but not apple pie!

While I'm primarily an HTML/CSS/JS/PHP web developer (I've been with HTML/CSS for a decade now!), I'm also getting my feet wet in iOS development with Objective-C, ASP.NET and WPF development with C#, and Flash game development with ActionScript 3.0. Additionally, I know a little Java and Python, but am not considering expanding my knowledge in either right now.

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