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comment How to use java-object-diff library to compare object graph involving one-to-many relationships implemented using lists?
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comment How to put image div container over another div container?
I was just about to point you to this answer to a related question which says that pointer-events:none would be a good way to go. But then I checked your site again and discovered that you found this property on your own. :-)
comment Is there a Java library that can “diff” two Objects?
Great, sounds like you found a good solution then!
comment Is there a Java library that can “diff” two Objects?
You bring up a good point. Collections are really tough to deal with. Especially if you support merging, like I do. I solved the problem by using object identities to detect whether an item has been added, changed or removed (via hashCode, equals and contains). The good thing about that is, that I can treat all collections the same. The bad thing is, that I can't properly handle (for example) ArrayLists that contain the same object multiple times. I'd love to add support for that, but it seems to be pretty complicated and fortunately nobody asked for it, yet. :-)
comment Is there a Java library that can “diff” two Objects?
I had a look at your post an wrote an answer that turned out to be way too long to post as a comment, so here is the "gist" of it: gist.github.com/3555555
comment null pointer exception to struct in Java program
Glad I could help.
comment Java regex find variable name outside a string
I may have answered that question accidentally with the paragraph I just added to my answer, before I even saw your comment. The parser will simply give you a structured look at the input file, so you know exactly what each character sequence represents. Anything beyond that is up to you.