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comment BIRT Report Error “Failed to prepare the query execution for the data set”
This error is generated when there is a problem with the query used to get the data for the report. It's most often due to a syntax error in the SQL. Use an external query editor to make sure your query is properly formed and retrieves the data you want. Also, use the "Preview" selection at the bottom left of the data set editor to make sure your query works in BIRT before trying to generate the report.
comment Format Excel, column to get sum of hh:mm:ss when they are listed that way
the value in the cell you are referring to is a number that can be summed. To prove that to yourself go to a blank cell and type in =O2 and then set the format of the result to general format. You should have a number that can be summed. If you need the hour, minute and second parts of the number in O2 use the Hour(), Minute() and Second() functions respectively.