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Mark Murphy, founder of CommonsWare, is the author of The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development, the first, largest, and most up-to-date book on Android app programming. He also offers training and light consulting on Android, in case you're interested in help beyond what fits the StackOverflow model.

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comment Stop OS from killing my Process
@Vikalp: That depends on what the "state" is. onSaveInstanceState() should be called on your activity around the time the ACTION_SEND activity comes to the foreground. You are welcome to put stuff in that Bundle. You should get that Bundle back in onCreate() and onRestoreInstanceState() of your new activity instance, since the user is effectively navigating back to a specific spot. This is standard activity lifecycle stuff, see developer.android.com/guide/components/…
answered Is it possible to write a file or set a setting that can not be deleted by a user in Android?
answered Android maps V2 - The method flat(boolean) is undefined for the type MarkerOptions
comment Stop OS from killing my Process
@Vikalp: "but when I press back button from ACTION_SEND Intent(like Bluetooth activity), it automatically starts main activity from onCreate()" -- that means your process was terminated. Activities do not have to be called with onDestroy(). Only ones that are finished, via BACK or you calling finish() or similar means, will be destroyed and go through onDestroy(). Any running activities in your process when the process is terminated are not destroyed.
comment android power consuption (SD storage)
Feel free to provide hyperlinks to these studies.
comment live streaming video from android to pc
"where can i find some simple and clear code exemples on how to accomplish this? Any good tutorials on subject?" -- asking for off-site resources is considered off-topic for StackOverflow. "i didn't find any of it clear enough and i'm also a newbie on android" -- what you are looking for is a very complex topic. Developers with years of experience in Android would find this difficult to implement, as there is nothing in Android designed to support this use case. I strongly encourage you to choose a project that is within your current Android development experience.
answered Stop OS from killing my Process
comment instagram, twitter and and snapchat … how can we program it?
"how can we program it in android ?" -- that question is much too broad for StackOverflow. You could write a whole book on how to write a "social app" with those sorts of features.
comment What is the UI Response Time Limit in Android?
What do you mean by "UI response time limit"?
comment Calling startActivity() from outside of an activity context requires the FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK
"I am trying to start an activity inside a service class" -- why does this service even exist? What value is this code adding by being in a service, rather than being in an activity?
comment Android “skimlinks-unlinked”
"Why is this used" -- why is what used?
comment Android intent-filter data https is not working
Show the code where you are creating and using the Intent.
comment Android intent-filter data https is not working
How is your helper app trying an https:// link? You have no control over WhatsApp.
comment Android intent-filter data https is not working
How are you trying an https:// link?
comment Navigation Bar app requirement for Play Store
What do you consider "hardware navigation keys" to be? If you are referring to HOME, BACK, and such, the system's navigation bar is automatically handled by the OS.
comment Android multiple services matching intent
@Jake: Actually, I should have linked to this later blog post. The first tiebreaker is android:priority, despite that being undocumented for services. Installation order is the second tiebreaker. In this respect, services work a bit like an ordered broadcast where the first recipient always aborts the broadcast.
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answered Android multiple services matching intent
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