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comment Custom content provider access from another app
@user3328051: Your problem isn't with using a ContentProvider -- any IPC involving custom permissions would encounter the same issue. Moreover, your app with <uses-permission> would need to handle cases where the user doesn't want the other app, cannot install the other app (e.g., it is incompatible with their device), installs and later uninstalls the other app, etc.
answered Android - Java - Have app run when device boots up
comment ArrayAdapter from ArrayList showing resource ID not value
Your problem presumably lies in whatever toString() is returning in BarcodeSpinner.
answered What is android:layout_marginStart
comment PreferenceFragment return null always
Try using a PreferenceActivity: developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/settings.html#Activity
comment Android compile ClassCastException with Proguard
Try temporarily removing the protected java.lang.Object[][] getContents(); bit and see what happens. You are crashing when ProGuard is running, suggesting that it cannot interpret what is in your ProGuard rules file.
comment PreferenceFragment return null always
Why are you running a FragmentTransaction and using a PreferenceFragment outside of a PreferenceActivity?
answered Custom content provider access from another app
comment Android studio - Gradle - GitHub Repo
Do you mean something like: groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/adt-dev/gVDWMCAdxd8 ?
comment Android USB host Webcam
Ask the manufacturer of the Webcam.
comment Android: How do you hide Tabs in the ActionBar?
@AntiMatter: setNavigationMode() is a method on ActionBar.
comment Android Manifest - “Has No Default Constructor” With Activity/Runnable Class
Given their names, few of your activities actually should be activities. Activities are for user interfaces. They are not general-purpose Java classes that you use for sockets, or databases, or whatever the heck a SettingsHandler is.
answered Android open send mail intent and receive callback when user send mail
comment Android NFC Intent for notification instead of activity
If you have foreground dispatch enabled, then you have an activity in the foreground, and you do not need a Notification. Just update the UI of your existing activity.
comment Is there any way to capture the Clear Data action programmatically in application?
@nsL: "Do we have to wait for the widget to refresh?" -- I haven't tried Clear Data on an app with an outstanding app widget. Assuming the app widget survives (and it could be removed, for all I know), your app won't know that it exists until the next update request, in all likelihood.
revised Audio streaming using SIP in android?
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comment How to get a process's memory usage in Android 4.4
comment Conversion to dalvik format failed method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536
duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/25833315/…
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comment nullPointer Exception on Asset manager
Please post the entire stack trace, and indicate where in your code you are calling getBitmapFromAsset().