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Please, see my linkedin. But in a nutshell, I have been around for more than 20 years in the IT industry many years programming and the rest doing doing other things always related software solutions and development teams. My very first "programs" were done using actual wires to connect digital gates when I was in technical high school. Then, I discover microprocessor, z-80. Then, assembler, then basic. During university I went more into prolog, lisp, and of course some C but my education was pretty theoretical: computability, type theory, formal verification of programs, formal specifications, etc but then I left academia and went to real life. OO appeared and I fall in love with smalltalk for a coupld of years. I participated on some research papers on parallel / distribute when working form IBM research. Then the web came, joined a .com as CTO and that was awesome until we crashed. PHP of course. Them I started my journey of doing architecture or programming or presales or anything that need to be done to get web business applications envison, done, used and supported. I did drive a J2EE for 6/7 year and then i bought a new .NET / MVC / EF convertible, which i have bee using since 2009. During those years i also did run my javascript bicicle usingnvarious frameworks, like dojo, sencha, jqueyr. tryin to lear angular now. i always get excited with new tchnologies and when i have money i invest in technology stocks.

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