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Things about me:

  • I work as a fraud analyst for an e-commerce company
  • This means I spend a lot of time building and using tools that crunch data
  • I'm not a coder, but I play one on TV
  • I'm not a statistician, but I play one on TV
  • I'm not a data scientist, but I play one on TV
  • I'm not a detective, but...well, you get the idea

My last degree was in Rhetoric and Political Communications. The one I'm working on currently is in Applied Math. After that, it's a Masters in Stats.

I speak a bit of Perl, Python, R, C, 6502 Assembler (yes, I'm that old), and I'm learning Javascript currently.
My weapon of choice lately has been R. I'm always surprised how much you can do in R.

There's not a damned thing wrong with the serial comma, nor with adding two spaces after a period.

I prefer City of Heroes (RIP) to Warcraft. I prefer how-to and textbooks to fiction and narrative non-fiction.

If you have to have a fictional personal hero, you could do a lot worse than Jubal Harshaw.

Minneapolis is a great place for both geeks and artists. I'm very fortunate to be living here when the geek and art cultures are so rich.

comment Altering The Sorting Arrows In an R Shiny tabPanel
Thank you a ton for pointing me to that datatables.net site. I would have never seen it otherwise. The Shiny docs don't really make reference of it that I could find. I just added a helptext of "click on the column name to sort" and it works fine for the users. Now to get a pull request in on the Shiny docs.