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comment Processing items in SQS queue with a php script
If you don't have a real need to share state between these worker processes it will be easier to simply run multiple processes. You can use something like Supervisord to run them all, monitor them, etc.
comment Elastic Beanstalk without loadbalancer
I'm afraid you cannot remove the load balancer from Elastic Beanstalk since its part of the package. You can do something else which may require a bit more configuration - you can create a CloudFormation script that uses a predefined AMI (probably something similar to what Beanstalk uses) and do all the deployment on your own.
comment Secure Communication between ASP Pages and Cocoa/ObjC
The best way to make sure nothing is saved is perform an HTTP POST from your objective-c code with the "auth" parameter. Or, pass that parameter is an HTTP HEADER (not a URL query parameter).