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comment What tools do you use to develop C++ applications on Linux?
Nice overview with good pointers and clear justification.
comment Guidance on optimising Python runtime for embedded systems with low system resources
We shall try and transition to Python 2.6 and also apply the patch and report back soon on the outcome. Thanks. Any ideas of how to optimise the module import and initialisation performance would also be great if you have any insights on that front, although I suspect this is highly dependent on the nature of the modules we are loading - which are too many to list.
comment Smart methods for an Embedded Linux device to detect Internet connectivity
Hi Pavel, you make an interesting point. What is "connected"? and there are indeed different ideas of how "connected" an end-user needs to be. For our applications purposes, our device needs to be able to resolve DNS addresses and make arbitrary message exchanges with a large variety of other machines (peers) on the Internet, whose identity is only known at runtime. Personally, I am happy with the default route check proposed by ChristopheD. The ICMP echo approach was clearly flawed since many administrators of network links prohibit all types of ICMP traffic on their links.
comment Line wrapping within emacs *compilation* buffer
That works a treat. Thank you.